I am a Master Student of Computing in NUS. I am currently doing my thesis in NUS HCI lab and focusing on the research on IoT interaction paradigms.

I completed my bachelor degree in Computer Science and Technology at University of Chinese Academy of Sciences. And my past research experiences focused on Artificial Intelligence and its appilication in HCI.

I hope with my efforts, our daily lives can be more convenient, and technology can assist us instead of invading our lives.

Research Experiences

Research on Human Pose Estimation and its Application in HCI

2020.12 - 2021.05
Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences

This is my Undergradute Thesis related to Human Pose Estimation in Institution of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences. I analyzes a variety of existing Human Posture Estimation models and selects the OpenPose model to realize behavior recognition based on Human Posture Estimation and design specific applications of human-computer interaction in smart home scenarios.

Research on large touch screen interaction

2019.10 - 2020.03
Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Sciences

This is a HCI Research Related to Large Touch Screen’s User Fatigue and UI Design, in Institution of Software, Chinese Academy of Sciences. We majorly focus on how duration and pose position affect user fatigue and with the principle what UI Design we can re-invent.

Work Experiences

Teaching Assistant

2019.2 - 2019.7
Introduction to Computer Science

As a TA of * Introduction to Computer Science *, I help the all the freshmen in our university have a better understaing of basic knowledge of CS. I help them debug face-to-face and answer their questions about this module.

Deputy Minister of Practice, Student Union

2018 - 2019
Student Union

As a Deputy Minister of Practice of Student Union, I organize a lot of practice activities in our university. For example I organize students to visit Cambrian, an artificial intelligence startups in China. And I organize some social entertainment activities as well, for example, inter-school ball.


Here are some projects I have done:

Human Pose Estimation Applications - (Python) Two application related to Human Pose Estimation are developed. One is the Elderly Fall Detection and the other is Bad posture Detection of children watching TV.
Car Resale Price Prediction and Car Recommendation - (Python) The Car Resale Price Prediction Models won the First Price of In-Class Kaggle Competition in NUS Data Mining Module
Duke - (Java) A software to help people manage their daily tasks and it is optimized for users who want to type fast with CLI.
Module Manager - (Java) A software to help people manage the modules they take in National University of Singapore.
OS - (C & MIPS Assembly) A simple OS on MIPS CPU.
myCPU - (Verilog) A simple five stage pipeline MIPS CPU on FPGA.
Sentiment Analysis in News - (Python) A comprehensive website template solution for startups/developers to market their mobile apps.

Course with Good Grades in CS

Software Engineering and Object-Oriented Programming

Human-Computer Interaction

Practice of Operating System

Artificial Intelligence - The Basics

Computer Architecture

Introduction to Computer Science

Skills & Proficiency